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Focus Home Interactive acquires retro gaming leader Dotemu

Focus Home Interactive, a prominent European video game publisher and developer, has announced the purchase of a 77.5 percent stake in retro gaming company Dotemu.

Focus Home Interactive has announced the acquisition of Dotemu, a French studio based in Paris best known for bringing back classic games such as Street of Rage 4, Windjammers 2, and the recently announced Metal Slug Tactics.

Dotemu remains independent

Despite the fact that Focus Home Interactive is the new owner of Dotemu, the studio’s CEO, Cyrille Imbert, will now have extra responsibilities after obtaining a new role in the independent game publishing label that Focus Home Interactive intends to establish.

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“Joining the Focus Home Interactive Group was an obvious choice for Dotemu. We share the same passion for video games, the same desire to improve, as well as the same values of respect and benevolence towards our partners and teams,” Imbert said.

“While retaining the editorial and strategic independence that has made it so successful, Dotemu will be able to give even greater ambition to its projects and give itself the means to broaden the range of services offered to studios, in order to guarantee the success of their productions on the retro label as well as on the publishing label The Arcade Crew. Therefore, Dotemu is ideally positioned to achieve its ambitious growth plan to triple its turnover in the medium term,” he added.

The Arcade Crew

Focus Home Interactive has expanded its offering and editorial line with the acquisition of Dotemu, which will continue to publish and produce unique titles with strong commercial potential, driven by cult video game and pop culture licenses such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Metal Slug Tactics, as well as other quality titles to be announced in the coming months.

Furthermore, with this transaction, Focus Home Interactive acquires technological skills for the production of independent games. Dotemu’s staff will therefore be able to give even greater ambition to The Arcade Crew, an independent publishing firm.

Following the success of The Last Spell and Dark Devotion, The Arcade Crew is planning many additional ambitious productions such as Young Souls and other excellent games to be unveiled in the coming months.