Foods in Video Games We’d Love to Try

These are some of the most appetizing and delicious-looking foods in video games that we’d absolutely love to try. This list is not ranked in any particular order.

Sweetrolls – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Foods in Video Games We'd Love to Try

This delicious-looking treat looks like a cake. The Elder Scrolls wiki describes that it’s made from milk, flour, butter, eggs, and salt. There are multiple recipes on the internet that show you how to make something like this, and I really suggest giving them a try. Just writing about sweetrolls makes my mouth water.

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Roast Prairie Chicken – Red Dead Redemption 2

Foods in Video Games We'd Love to Try

The name of the dish says it all. It’s roasted Prairie Chicken, along with beans, potato and gravy. Like many dishes in saloons from Red Dead Redemption 2, this looks so appetising. Prime Rib from the Saloon in Saint Denis also deserves an honourable mention here.

Tamasa Ramen – Yakuza 5

Foods in Video Games We'd Love to Try

Tamasa Ramen is from a minigame in Yakuza 5 where you have to cook Ramen to serve customers. You can also enjoy the meal yourself. There are a few types of ramen in this little restaurant. An example is the ramen bowl with a slice of Chashu (pork) and broth. Like almost every food in the Yakuza games, this looks so good.

Baguette with Fish Pâté – The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine

This is a meal from the Blood and Wine expansion of the masterpiece The Witcher 3. Unfortunately, there aren’t many high quality images to include in the article. But the good news is that this food is directly based on a real-life French food, and there are a lot of recipes on the internet on how to make it yourself. I suspect that many readers know of baguettes. Fish pâté is something that’s made from ground smoked fish.

Sweet Rice Ball – Sekiro

This sweet rice ball was made for Sekiro by Lord Kuro after he brought him rice from the Divine Child of Rejuvenation. The wiki page of this item says that traditional Japanese sweet rice balls are made with Rice (obviously) and red bean paste. The item description of this treat says how Sekiro was given a rice ball like this when he was hungry by Owl. It was astoundingly delicious.

What are some foods in video games you’d love to try? Let us know!