For Honor free weekend runs until July 27

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For Honor

Ubisoft’s third-person action combat game For Honor is free to play this weekend on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Free weekend players have full access to the Standard Edition of For Honor. It includes the story mode, all multiplayer game modes, 26 heroes, and 30 maps. Additionally, the game just kicked off A Tyrant’s Test, an evolution of the fan-favorite Test Your Metal game mode.

A Tyrant’s Test leads into the release of a large title update on August 6, which will add the new Warmonger Hero. Players will be able to unlock the new hero either by purchasing it or for 15,000 steel on August 20.

For Honor is free to download and play until July 27 at 4 PM Eastern on Uplay, Steam, and Epic Games Store. Meanwhile, it’s available until July 27 at 2:59 AM Eastern on PS4 and Xbox One.

Players who want to keep battling after the weekend ends can carry on their progression and heroes to the full version of For Honor. The game is up to 80% off on Steam (until July 27), Uplay (until July 30), Xbox One (until August 3), Epic Games Store (until August 6), and PS4 (until August 19).