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For Honor is getting a new pirate hero

For Honor

A slew of content arrives, setting the stage in For Honor‘s sixth year.

For Honor Year 5 Season 4 Title Update 2.0 will be released next week, according to Ubisoft. With the release of this new update, the game will get a new playable hero archetype: the Pirates. The Pirates, armed with their signature cutlass and pistol, are the first of the Outlanders, a brand-new breed of Hero originating from far-flung lands.

Ahoy! The pirates have arrived in For Honor

After a series of significant climatic changes impacted their home archipelago, the Pirates set their eyes on Heathmoor. They only know life on the ocean, and no ship, port, or warrior is immune from their wrath. When battling opponents from all oceans, they are courageous and passionate warriors that have evolved their own combat technique.

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Armed with their sharp cutlass and one-of-a-kind handgun, the Ademas assault their foes in a relentless offensive technique. They use a combination of pistol bursts and heavy strikes that they string together one after the other to exert constant pressure. They are fiercely devoted to one another, allying with anybody who can assist them and fighting anyone who stands in the way of their plunder.

The Outlanders join the battle

The Pirates introduce the Outlanders, a new set of Heroes. Each Outlander has various motives for entering the war in For Honor, since they come from all across the globe outside of Heathmoor and are unaffiliated to the current factions. These Heroes will add to the game’s roster of thirty distinct Heroes, which already contain a wide range of weaponry and combat styles.

Beginning January 27, players may buy the new Pirate Hero as part of a bundle that includes the new Hero, an exclusive Ornament, an Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status, and three carrion boxes for $7.99 from first-party stores.

On February 10, players will be able to purchase the package in-game for 15,000 steel. A free event pass will be available to players in conjunction with the release of this new hero. In addition, starting on the first day of TU2, new seasonal armor versions will be accessible for all heroes.

For Honor is a game that can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Backward compatibility allows owners of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S Series to play the game. In addition, Ubisoft+ makes the game accessible.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!