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Former Drive Club director working on new IP

Paul Rustchynsky

This new IP will not be related to any driving game.

So far 2022 has brought us good news about the return of great talent in the industry; in this case, it is the return of Paul Rustchynsky, the director of DriveClub. The director of perhaps one of the most striking new driving games of the last decade has announced through his Twitter account the opening of a new studio in Liverpool. More importantly, he has announced a new IP to be revealed in 2022.

A new IP is on the way

Shortly after posting the tweet, most of his followers and players have raised the possibility of a return of his DriveClub franchise, but the director has been quick to respond by clarifying everything.

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Rustchynsky was quick to comment that this new game they are working on is a different IP to driving games like DriveClub or MotorStorm. In fact, it is something very different from anything Avalanche has worked on before.

Also in subsequent Tweet replies, the former director has commented that “more projects are in the works at Avalanche than most people would expect!”

Let’s hope we get to see this new game before the arrival of the E3 season and Summer Game Fest. As always, stay with Game Freaks 365. We’ll let you know when we learn more.

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