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Formify is a custom gaming mouse made for the shape of your hand

A Kickstarter project that has already raised over $10k!

For years, I used to use office mice because of their design created for all types of hands. But, since I decided to venture into the world of gaming mice, it was a total shock! The number of shapes, buttons, sizes, and more, make choosing a mouse an odyssey. And, it is very difficult to find one that fits the shape of your hand.

But, if I tell you that there is a Canadian company that will build you a mouse depending on the shape of your hand? Formify is a Kickstarter project with an incredible idea: It offers you a fully custom mouse designed from the shape of your hand. Yes, as you read, every element of the mouse will be adapted to offer you the best ergonomics possible.

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A fully custom mouse designed from the image of your hand

We all know brands like Razer, Logitech, Corsair, and more, that for years have been dedicated to mice. In addition, there are different mouse models that adapt to the tasks you are going to perform. For example, there are different mice for designers, video editors, FPS gamers, MMO gamers, office gamers, and many more. But, ergonomics is always a difficult section to achieve.


Not all hands are the same, and this is something Formify has taken into account. This Canadian company has created a Kickstarter project that solves this problem. They present us with a formidable idea that many professionals or remote workers will consider having: A fully custom mouse designed from the image of your hand.

That’s right! What Formify explains is that all customers send a photo of the palm of their hand. Then, through AI, a mouse model is designed that will not only fit your claw grip but also your palm grip. But that’s not all! Also, the position of the buttons, the wheel, the weight, and the height of the mouse. All are designed to offer the best performance.

Formify’s focus is on professional gamers. They need the highest precision and comfort when using the mouse, so offering a customized design to their hand is a game changer! If you want to know a little more about this Kickstarter project, or, you want to back the project, click here. It’s a project that, shortly after its inception, already has more than 82 backers and $10k raised!