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Forspoken cinematic trailer released

Square Enix seeks to draw the attention of those gamers who have lost track of this promising title.

2023 is here but the gaming industry is a little slow these days. In fact, there are few big releases announced for this January. But, there is one title that you may have lost track of. It’s understandable since it’s been a long time since its announcement. Still, Square Enix found the perfect way to remind us of a great title that is two weeks away from release thanks to the release of the Forspoken cinematic trailer.

Today a new cinematic trailer, Square Enix’s promising action-adventure game, has been released. Despite once again not showing gameplay, this cinematic trailer confirms that Square Enix is betting heavily on this new IP that we consider one of the top upcoming games in early 2023.

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Athia awaits us

It’s been more than two years since the announcement of Forspoken. This action-adventure game from Square Enix presents something different from the latest from the Japanese developer. Luminous Productions is developing a title that seeks to squeeze the graphical potential of both the PlayStation 5 and PC. Something that we could see in a good way with the extensive gameplay of almost 10 minutes released some time ago.

Despite this, and the plethora of revealed (and some leaked) gameplay clips, Forspoken has gone under the radar of many. We can say that it has been a victim of all the releases of these last quarters of 2022. Even causing many gamers to completely forget about the title. Therefore, both Luminous Productions and Square Enix have unveiled a cinematic trailer presenting the game’s preview.

We can see how the game’s story will develop around Frey Holland, the game’s protagonist. As we could see in the announcement trailer, we will see how the character switches between the magical world of Athia and New York (the character’s hometown). This cinematic trailer presents different scenes that do not look too far from the graphical potential of the PlayStation 5.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great way to remind many players of Forspoken. Also, accompanied by the comments of those players who have had the opportunity to try the title, it will surely create new hype behind the game. We will know all this on January 24, when Forspoken will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC. You can pre-order it now at Amazon and Playasia.

Watch the new cinematic trailer from Forspoken down below