Fort Solis, a Sci-Fi narrative adventure, will also be launched in PS5

Dear Villagers has confirmed that this adventure will expand its borders to other platforms

Two genres that are gaining momentum in video games are science fiction and horror. These two classic genres, after having been missing for a while, are slowly making their comeback. Leaving us great titles along the way. But, if we mix both genres? That’s what Dear Villagers has thought together with Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar.

Fort Solis, a sci-fi and horror narrative thriller using the Unreal Engine 5, has been the bet for these studios. And after having confirmed the PC version some time ago, today they come to the forefront to announce that a PS5 version will also be released.

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Nobody knows what awaits us on Mars

Fort Solis seeks with the Unreal Engine 5 to unite science fiction and horror as never seen before in a narrative thriller. While we are placed on Mars, the entire narrative will be told with sequences, sound recordings, camera images, and scenes from the past. All this while the nights on Mars grow longer.

And while it may seem like every sci-fi and space fan’s dream paradise, believe me you don’t know what you’re in for. Suddenly, a spiral of events spirals out of control and the mystery of what has happened to the crew begins to unravel. We will have to be careful because every decision we make will really have consequences in the narrative.

In Fort Solis, we will be in tension at every moment. However, we know that it will be an adventure that we will not be able to stop playing. In addition, it has a roster already known among gamers such as Troy Baker and Roger Clark. Two great exponents that we can remember from incredible games like The Last of Us or Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fort Solis will arrive this summer on PC, and the now-confirmed, PlayStation 5.

Watch the Fort Solis Gameplay below