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Fortnite PlayStation Cup starts January 14

The Fortnite PlayStation Cup

The winner wins nothing less than $1,200!

For the Fortnite PlayStation Cup, Epic and Sony have teamed together once more. The tournament that both competitive and veteran Fortnite PlayStation gamers have been waiting for has returned after a three-month hiatus. All players will board the fight bus once more for a chance to win a piece of the global prize pool and the Fortnite PlayStation Cup.

This two-round solo mode competition, with a global prize pool of over $100,000, is set to take over Fornite for the next six months. Players from all over the world can compete in monthly tournaments from January to June to improve their reputations and win significant prizes.

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Everyone can join

If you’ve played Fortnite before, enrolling for the event shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re a casual player who hasn’t put in much time or is new to Fortnite, simply download the game on PS4 or PS5, enable 2-Factor Authentication for your Epic Account, and achieve level 30 to be eligible for the Fortnite PlayStation Cup.

The rules and scoring system for this free event are the same as for most Fortnite solo tournaments. Every player starts with zero points, regardless of rank, attributes, or cosmetics. Round 1 is a free-for-all competition, in which you have three hours to play a maximum of ten matches and gain as many points as possible. Each elimination awards one point, with higher ranks awarding more.

The top 100 players in each region who scored the most points in all Round 1 games will proceed to the final round. Round 2 consists of six games and the value of eliminations are doubled. Demonstrate your abilities, compete against 100 other players, and win cash prizes!