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Fortnite will add respawn beacons in nod to Apex Legends

In a nod to Apex Legends, Epic Games is adding a respawn feature to their popular battle royale game Fortnite.

According to a video that Epic Games released on Friday, the respawn feature will work similarly to Apex Legends. “Reboot cards” will drop whenever a player is downed, which teammates can collect and take to “reboot vans” in order to respawn fallen allies.

The reboot vans will be scattered throughout the map, and vans will have a cooldown period after each use. Enemies will be able to see whenever a van is being used, and the game will let them know exactly how many of your squadmates are going to be respawned.

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This is strikingly similar to the respawn system in Apex Legends, where players collect banners and take them to respawn beacons. This isn’t the first feature for Fortnite to borrow from their new rival. The game has also seen the addition of a ping system.

Watch the reboot van announcement below: