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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew, and I am mostly a Xbox player.

Right now, some of my favorite games Red Dead Redemption2 and GTA V. I love the multiplayer aspects of them as each game offers a ton of ways to play and are incredibly immersive.

I grew up playing Call of Duty and played multiplayer religiously until about COD: Ghosts but came back for the revamped version of WWII. I played Cold War and mostly did not like it, but I am playing gunfight tournament a lot, simply because I want to get better at it. I am incredibly competitive so the nature of the game works for me.

Another game I am in love with is MLB The Show ’21. For years I grew up playing The Show on the Play Station 2, but never got a newer Play Station, and with The Show being an exclusive I just had to suck it up, but now that it’s on Xbox I play it a ton.

Feel free to add me on Xbox at True Rages. Look froward to interacting with you all!