Top 5 Games from Childhood

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Top 5 Games from Childhood

Post by SladeVonParade »

It would not surprise me if we are all of different age groups, but I'm interested in hearing from everyone about what games they held close to them from growing up? I’ll go first:

5) Mario Kart 64
This was the first real video game I played growing up, I believe I was about 3 years old, and that's what started my addiction. Not that I'm complaining.

4) Poke'mon XD: Gale of Darkness
I remember getting the Gamecube for Christmas that year, along with the release of this game. It is definitely an odd Poke'mon game, but its grittier theme seemed so cool to me. I believe I was already a fan of Poke'mon sapphire, but this game just felt different. Plus, it had my favorite Poke'mon, Umbrion, in it.

3) Smash Bros (64)
For a kid who grew up without any siblings and who couldn't always hang out with friends. This was a great game whether it was alone or couch co-oping.

2) Minecraft
I remember the release of Minecraft, cause my friends at the time kept bragging about a game that you “could do anything in.” I wouldn't describe Minecraft alpha like that, but it sure was a fun building game.

1) Halo 3
I had played Halos at friends' houses, but halo 3 was the first one that I owned. I must have played through the story over 100 times. Then when I got Xbox live, that was a game-changer.
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Re: Top 5 Games from Childhood

Post by Areynolds95 »

When I grew up Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood, so I would have to say Pokemon Red/Blue, Pokemon Silver/Crystal/Gold, and Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire were some of my favorites growing up.

As I got older, I ventured into Call of Duty, which encompassed campaign, multiplayer, and zombies, so the early iterations of COD are some of my favorites. Early iterations being World at War, MW2, MW3, BO1 and BO2. Out of these probably the Modern Warfare series had the best campaign, and the Black ops possessed the better multiplayer.

Right now, I’ve ventured into different genres and different platforms. I play Pokemon Go on mobile and that is one of my favorite games ever despite being such a simplified version of the original games. I enjoy GTA V a lot and getting it, I believe was one of the best gaming decisions I’ve ever made. Also, Red Dead Redemption 2 became one of my all-time favorites for the great campaign and how captivating the multiplayer is.
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Re: Top 5 Games from Childhood

Post by DeviousAltruist »

Here are mine.
5. Halo CE
4. Mario Bros
3. Call of Duty
2. GTA Vice City
1. Mortal Kombat 2

I actually didn't have a console or a PC most of my younger days. But I got chances to play those aforementioned games when I'd visit my friends' houses. I remember looking forward to playing Vice City with my friend, for the whole week. We'd usually visit him on Saturday. I've only recently completed games like Call of Duty and Halo though. I had only played one or two missions when I was younger.
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Re: Top 5 Games from Childhood

Post by AmpSpear »

It's difficult to rank them, but for me:
1. Okami
2. Minecraft
3. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
4. Endless Ocean
5. The Sims 2

Okami was always my favourite, and I played this on the Wii. Loved the art, music, gameplay, and storyline. You can get it on Steam these days and I recommend it.

Minecraft, I don't need to explain too much!

Pokemon D&P was also something my friends and I played a lot, and it was my first pokemon game.

Endless Ocean is a bit of a lesser-known one. It was released on the Wii, and it's a diving sim where you go around and catalogue a bunch of marine animals. I actually emulate this now on the PC ever since my Wii died, and the atmosphere is really calming.

The Sims 2... this was probably the first "real" game I played when I was a kid. My parents had this game on their PC so I would play it on there at first. I think I spent the most time in Strangetown, and I also liked the Pets and Seasons packs. We had to get those as physical copies, too :lol: