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Frictional Games explains why it returned to Amnesia universe with Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth

Later this month, players can return to the Amnesia universe with Amnesia: Rebirth. Developer Frictional Games recently spoke with Eurogamer about the new game, including why they decided to bring the franchise back.

Here is a snippet from the interview with Frictional’s co-founder and creative director, Thomas Grip, explaining the decision to make a new game:

It’s two reasons. One is that after we released Soma, we never wanted to do another game that took five years to make – which we ended up doing anyway, but never mind – but we still wanted to improve, we still wanted to merge gameplay better with narrative, and we felt that if we could go back to Amnesia, that would be something that we had a lot of established things for. So it would be easier to have a go at a sequel and improve it and make that interesting, rather than just reinventing everything from scratch.

But then on top of that, while the environment in The Dark Descent is actually pretty boring to render – it’s an old castle, there are some normal rooms, there are some cellar rooms, and that’s it, there’s just not a lot of variety – the lore of Amnesia has a tonne of environments. There are deserts, tombs, and all kinds of weird stuff, and it felt like it would be really cool if we could visit those places and have them finally not just being lines in the text. It just felt like we had a lot of unexplored lore to base it all around.

Amnesia: Rebirth launches on October 20 for PC via Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG. It is also coming to PlayStation 4.

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Frictional Games recently made the Amnesia: The Dark Descent source code open source. So we’re likely to see even more, fan-made takes on the game in the near future.