Frightence is coming soon to consoles


Frightence is a new first-person horror game where you will live every moment with a lot of tension.

It seems that the horror genre is back in fashion. With games like Poppy Playtime 2 announced, Phasmophobia making a name for itself again in VR, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach recently released, the horror genre is back in business.

With that in mind, Playstige Interactive has shared with fans today that they have a new horror game coming soon to consoles. Frightence aims to put players on edge as they experience one of the most intense horror games we’ve seen in recent years.

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Achieve the objectives and try not to die trying

In Frightence, you will play as a caretaker working in the famed Apartment 17, which is the source of numerous terrifying tales and gruesome urban legends, based on many real-life incidents.


The apartment received an eviction notice lately, and you must check everyone’s flat tonight to ensure that they have all moved out. In this dreadful flat, you will quickly realize that not everything is as it appears.

Your duty is to check every room, make sure no one is left inside, and don’t die scaring yourself to death. Frightence is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X on March 9, Nintendo Switch on March 10, and PlayStation 4 on March 11.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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