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Funniest Characters in Fallout New Vegas

The Mojave Wasteland is home to many interesting and colorful characters. These are some of the funniest characters in Fallout New Vegas.


The Funniest Characters in Fallout New Vegas

Let’s start this list off with one of the best followers in the game. While her combat prowess is alright, the best thing about her is the way she talks. Cass has a way with her words. She curses a lot and she doesn’t even try to be funny. But her vulgar and cocky way of speaking makes us love her all the more. This is one of the best instances of exceptional character writing in a game. No matter how long you’ll spend with her, not a moment will be dull.

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Bruce Isaac

The Funniest Characters in Fallout New Vegas

Isaac is a famous singer who’s now hiding out in Novac because of some misadventures. When you first meet him, he’ll mistake you for a goon of a certain Mr Bishop. He stole some money from this wealthy businessman and that’s why he’s now hiding out. But he actually crossed the line when he had sex with the daughter of the said businessman. He’s another instance of great character writing in this game. The above line by him is the funniest of them all.

The Courier

The Funniest Characters in Fallout New Vegas

You’re a funny guy in Fallout New Vegas. Possibly the funniest of them all. There are many instances of failed speech attempts that are just out of this world. There’s this one time when the Courier tries to rip off Mr House by saying “Raise Your Price Or… Or… You’ll Be ‘Chip Outta Luck.’” He’s not very confident and that shows, and it makes it all the funnier. This is just one instance of the Courier being funny. You’ll find a lot more of the like as you play the game.


Veronica is a lonely girl who’s very charismatic and charming. She’s not as vulgar as Cass, or as mischievous as Bruce Isaac. But there’s a sense of humour in the way she speaks, and we players can’t help but notice how adorable she is. For example, here’s a line of her dialogue when you agree to help her on an occasion: “Great. Thanks. Thank you. I’ll encourage people to name their non-ugly children after you. Seriously.” Talking with her is joyous, and adventuring with her won’t get old very soon.


This man’s name is literally Fantastic, and his character suits the name very well. He’s a scientist… Well, not really because he’s actually scamming the NCR by pretending to be a scientist. To be honest, he’s not doing that good of a job at even pretending to have a brain. Or a brain cell. He doesn’t know anything about science. Here’s a funny quote by him that proves how goofy this guy is: “I’m in charge. This whole operation depends on me. No Fantastic, no power. Got the whole NCR suckling my teats, and it feels so good.

Who do you think are the funniest characters in Fallout New Vegas? Let us know!