Game Boy Camera, Nintendo’s selfie pioneer, turns 20 today

The Game Boy Camera accessory just turned 20 years old, and Nintendo wants to remind you that they invented the selfie, basically. Thanks, Nintendo?

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The Game Boy Camera came out on June 1, 1998 in the United States. Japan’s launch was months earlier, in February 1998.

Compatible with all Game Boy systems, with the exception of the Game Boy Micro, it is one of the most common Game Boy accessories. The camera’s 128×128 pixel black and white photos could be printed into physical photographs using the Game Boy Printer, which was an inkless printer that used the same type of thermal paper as cash registers.

A fan recently made headlines when they used the Game Boy Camera to take photographs at an F1 racing event. The resulting photos were rather impressive.

Happy birthday, Game Boy Camera! Do you still have any of your Game Boy Camera photos? Feel free to tweet them to @GameFreaks365. We may share your tweet in this post!

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