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Game Freaks 365 is about to undergo a major facelift. Even though the current design is visually appealing, it’s time to move on to an entirely new system. Since 2004, Game Freaks 365 has had a few different looks, but they have all been under the PHP-Nuke content management system. We’re moving away from Nuke, which allows us to explore more possibilities and add some awesome new features that wouldn’t be possible within Nuke. Most importantly, security is an integral part of the new system so that we won’t have to deal with hacker attacks.

As part of this new direction for Game Freaks 365 is the need to add new staff. Several positions may open in the near future, including a possible spot for a PS3 editor, but right now I’m prepared to announce that we are seeking a quality writer to provide fresh news for the site. The official role that a potential candidate would play would be “news editor”, which is separate from our editorial review writing staff and would focus purely on the news. This person needs to be a talented writer and show an ability to both collect and report news accurately, fairly and with the highest journalistic standards. If you are interested, please send me a message through the forums or e-mail with a subject title “Staff Application”.

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