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Game Makers Fight Lawmakers

The ESA announced today a “grassroots political network for gamers” which will “organize and take action on important policy issues” regarding the video game industry. In their continued efforts to curtail elected state legislatures from regulating the industry in any way, reminiscent of the tobacco industry, the ESA says that they will enable gamers to “stay updated about these and other game industry-related issues, to register to vote, and to take action by contacting federal, state, and local officials”. The website is located at http://www.videogamevoters.org.

The mastermind behind this, ESA president Doug Lowenstein, is an arch-rival to activist Florida attorney Jack Thompson. “With over seventy bills to restrict game sales to minors already pending in state legislatures across the country this year, it’s time for gamers to make their voices heard loudly and clearly, to let politicians know that they will no longer stand by and let games be the scapegoat for larger social problems. Gamers can join together through the Video Game Voters Network to send a strong message to politicians to let them know that gamers care, that they vote, and that they will no longer tolerate these unconstitutional, unnecessary, and uninformed attacks on this important form of entertainment.”

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Of course, voters know that video game regulation is a bigger threat to American society today than the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina relief, the budget deficit, global warming and other issues, so it’s likely to be a driving force in this year’s midterm elections. In fact, according to a poll conducted by FPG (Fake Polling Group), Lowenstein himself appears to be a leading contender for president in 2008 among gamers. Lowenstein is leading Paris Hilton and Donald Trump for the presidential nomination to the Jackass Party (not to be confused with the Democratic Party).

When a participant in the scientific fake poll was asked what they thought of game regulation, they responded: “This issue is front and center. I might not be able to afford my prescription drugs, my brother might be fighting in Iraq and my grand dad lost his pension, but video game regulation is the issue that will get me to the polls this November. Lowenstein is a pioneer. I hope he wins the Jackass Party nomination in 2008.” There you have it, Doug Lowenstein has grassroots support to run for president in 2008 on the platform of defeating the evils of game regulation.