Game of Thrones – Episode 2: The Lost Lords Review


Game of Thrones got off to a solid start with Episode 1: Iron From Ice. Telltale’s six-part episodic series follows a sub-plot of the overarching Game of Thrones television and book series, focusing on House Forrester, the former bannermen to House Stark.

WARNING: This review contains plot spoilers from Episode 1 of the Telltale Games series. It may also contain references to the books and television series through season 3.

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Episode 2: The Lost Lords picks up in Essos with the exiled Asher Forrester, who is now a sellsword making a deal with the Lost Legion. The transaction quickly goes south and Asher has to fight his way out of a sticky situation along with his female sellsword partner, Beskha. Before the opening scene comes to a close, Asher runs into his uncle Malcom Forrester, who was sent to bring back Asher to aid House Forrester in its existential fight after Lord Ethan Forrester was murdered at the end of Episode 1.

The opening sequence is action packed and arguably the high point of the series up to this point. Asher is a strong-willed character yet still likable. Both Asher and his female companion remain fairly mysterious at this point though. It is hinted that the characters will at some point run across Daenerys Targaryen but the Mother of Dragons does not make an appearance in this episode.

Most of the other characters are essentially treated as afterthoughts. Gared Tuttle finds his way to Castle Black where he joins the Night’s Watch after being unceremoniously sent from Ironrath to protect him from Lord Whitehill, whose men Gared killed in Episode 1. Gared immediately finds himself in trouble, literally stuck between an ignoramus and a bully whose long-standing feud threatens Gared’s tenuous standing among his brothers in black. You have to choose which side to take but it’s not clear this early if the decision will matter in the end.

For what it’s worth, you also meet Jon Snow, whose character is voiced by the TV show’s actor, Kit Harington. The two make a connection while serving duty at the top of the Wall. It should be interesting to see how their relationship develops over time but right now they are not central to the plot.

There are a few points in the episode that seem critical to the overall arc of the story. At one point Mira Forrester is sending off letters for Margaery Tyrell’s wedding to King Joffrey, which gives Mira the opportunity to steal Margaery’s seal, which can be used to forge a letter benefitting her family. Doing so carries the huge risk of Margaery finding out and ruining a relationship with a powerful ally. These kinds of choices are what will hopefully lead to divergent outcomes but again, it is yet to be seen how your choices will impact the overall story.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords is a serviceable follow-up to the premier episode. While things start off with a great deal of excitement, the rest of the game feels like it is building up for future episodes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since Game of Thrones is as much about the anticipation slowly climaxing but it does mean that you will feel more like you are doing chores rather than having fun.

Recommendation | Episode 2 starts off strong but tapers off. It remains a promising series.

Final Score | 7.5 out of 5

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