Game Rankings closes after 20 years as a leading game review aggregator

Game Rankings

After two decades of informing gamers, the review aggregator Game Rankings has finally closed its doors.

This morning, I was working on putting together a personal list of the best and worst games of 2019. So that I wouldn’t leave out anything from early in the year, I visited an old resource to help jog my memory, Game Rankings, only to discover that the review aggregator is no more.

Game Rankings had a handy tool that allowed you to search the best and worst rated games for every platform and year. The design was straight out of the early 2000s, but it remained a useful resource to find some of the top-rated games in any given year.

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Now anyone who visits is redirected to Metacritic. CBS Interactive owns both Game Rankings and Metacritic. The two are pretty redundant in terms of what they do, so it’s not surprising that CBS Interactive decided to roll the site into Metacritic. Still, we’ll miss it!

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