Game Ventures launches game challenge marketplace

Game Ventures

Notable speedrunner Eric “Omnigamer” Koziel and commercial partner Kristopher Cost announced today the official beta launch of Game Ventures, a community-driven platform devoted to pushing and expanding the concept of what is possible in gaming through speed and challenge runs.

Game Ventures combines the concept of achievement in video games and transforms it into a one-of-a-kind, user-based marketplace where any gaming enthusiast may establish a monetary prize for any incremental gaming objective. These objectives include finishing a game in the shortest amount of time, obtaining the best score, and more.

Users may build Ventures by establishing the purpose and criteria, then funding it with a monetary prize. Once the Venture is publicly publicized, other Game Ventures users can contribute to the prize and boost the stakes for competition. To cover platform running costs and development, a modest charge is imposed to each financing contribution.

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Prospective challengers can search for available Ventures and rewards, as well as follow the competition’s progress via Twitch feeds. When a legitimate accusation is made on a Venture, the uploaded video and other evidence is extensively evaluated through public scrutiny.

During this evaluation period, additional competitors may submit new claims that outperform the current best time or score, restarting the evaluation period. This methodology emphasizes community engagement and a fair, collaborative review process, which should result in higher-quality contributions.

Public Beta Available

This beta makes the Venture Board available to the public, allowing anyone to browse and monitor the available challenges. Users can also apply for a beta key, which enables them to create a Game Ventures account, start new Ventures, and donate monetary prizes to current Ventures. After the testing phase finishes and the site debuts in June, additional users will be able to claim these Ventures.

This form is where users may apply for beta access. As an added benefit, any contributions made during the beta period will have their renewal fees cut by 75%. The beta phase will last around one month, so apply as soon as possible!