Game Ventures launches today with $2,000 Resident Evil Village bounty

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Game Ventures

Speedrunner Eric “Omnigamer” Koziel and business partner Kristopher Cost today announced the formal launch of Game Ventures, a platform for video game challenges that reward users with cash prizes.

Game Ventures is a platform committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. This innovative platform allows video game enthusiasts to reward talented players to accomplish the seemingly unattainable.

The platform takes the concept of achievement in video game speed and challenge running and develops a one-of-a-kind marketplace where any gaming achievement may become a Venture, a user-created and financed game-specific objective that can be improved upon beyond the initial target.

This Venture may take the form of beating a game in the shortest amount of time, getting the greatest score in a certain game, or anything else, with any game accessible to having a Venture developed for it.

Users establish Bounties by defining the aim and regulations, then financing a monetary prize to help it reach its fulfillment. Once the Bounty is publicly published, other Game Ventures users can contribute to it and boost the stakes for competition. To cover platform running costs and development, a modest charge is imposed to each financial contribution.

Prospective challengers can explore various Bounties and prizes to pursue, as well as monitor the competition’s progress via Twitch feeds. When a credible claim on a Bounty is made, the provided video and other evidence is thoroughly vetted through public scrutiny.

During this evaluation period, additional competitors may submit new claims that outperform the current best time or score, restarting the review period. This method prioritizes community engagement and a fair, collaborative screening process, which should result in highly optimized gaming from the most skilled players.

Game Ventures has listed a special $2,000 Bounty for Resident Evil Village on the platform to commemorate their launch. Players can claim the Bounty award by submitting a fast performance for an “Any percent” Village of Shadows difficulty playthrough.

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