Gamer Couple Let Baby Die While Playing Online Game

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In a sick example of how online gaming addiction is becoming a serious problem, a couple in South Korea have been charged with negligent homicide. Their baby starved to death while the couple was busy playing a 12 hour session of a popular online game. According to testimony at the trial, the three month old was only 5.5 pounds after being born at 6.4 pounds.

The game, Prius Online, is apparently popular in South Korea. According to a description on CNN, Prius Online is a game where “players nurture an online girl who gains magical powers as she grows.” The couple was sentenced to two years in prison, despite the prosecution’s efforts for a five year sentence.

“This is the first legal case regarding Internet addiction in Korea,” said Kim Dong-young, a lawyer with the Korean Legal Aid Corp. “I am pleased that the female defendant’s Internet addiction was taken into consideration, and she was bailed.”