Gamescom Opening Night Live

Gamescom Open Night Live is just around the corner and will feature more than 30 games

Gamescom Opening Night Live

A 2-hour event that will condense new game announcements, more content on previously announced games, and a few surprises

To close the summer conference and event season, Gamescom once again makes its presence felt. Between August 23 and 28, this great event will be held in Cologne, Germany. Bringing this 2022 a hybrid format that seeks to capture the attention of more video game fans.

Although, what has really caught the attention of fans has been the announcement of the Gamescom Opening Night Live event. An event where Geoff Keighley himself will be the presenter, and promises to be much better than the early summer conferences.

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Gamescom is almost here!

Gamescom Opening Night Live aims to be the big event that condenses the best announcements and updates of the whole event. Geoff Keighley himself has shared via twitter that it will be a 2 hour show, for the first time in a long time there will be an audience, and more than 30 games will be present during the event.

Unlike the rest of the conferences in 2022, Gamescom is looking to implement a hybrid system of attendance at the event. A sample of this will be the Gamescom Opening Night Live that, after the hype of the fans to attend the conferences again, may remind us of the good times of E3. Although, big companies like Xbox and Bandai Namco will not be making a big presence at the event.

This decision is due to the fact that Xbox, Bandai Namco, and many more will have separate events where they will dedicate several hours to their products. Likewise, the Gamescom Opening Night Live promises a lot, but we’ll see if it lives up to expectations.

If you are in Germany, you will be able to get your hands on some limited tickets for the opening event. These tickets cost €29 or $29.94. These tickets can be purchased from the official global Gamescom website by clicking here.

Do you know what will be the surprise of this Gamescom Opening Night Live? Leave your guess below in the comments!