GameStop offering full refunds for some new game purchases

GameStop says that they will offer full refunds for new game purchases, although there are a few caveats.

First, the game has to be returned within two days of the game’s launch. This means that new games outside of the launch window are ineligible.

Second, the refund comes in the form of store credit, not cash. The game has to be priced at $59.99 to be eligible.

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Third, it is only available at “participating stores.” We highly suggest that you ask an employee at your local GameStop if they are participating before you make a purchase under the assumption that it’s eligible for a refund. Better safe than sorry!

On the surface, this seems like a fairly limited refund policy – and to be clear, it is. That said, no other major retailers offer even this kind of limited return policy for a new game. It means that consumers are less likely to get burned with a dud like Fallout 76.

Two days is not a long time to return a product – especially when those two days have to be in the launch window – but it’s also fairly reasonable when you think about it. If it were, say, seven days, people would easily abuse the return policy. They’d just beat a $60 game and return it for a full refund. That would not be fair to GameStop or the developers behind the game.

The PS4-exclusive Days Gone is the first game to make use of the new refund program. Days Gone is out on April 26.

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