GameStop Selling Used Games as New

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It may come as a surprise to many consumers that the new games that they buy at GameStop may not even be new at all. A report done by Kotaku finds that GameStop has a practice within the company of allowing its employees to “check-out” games for their personal use. When the games are returned, if they are new, they get restocked as new and not used.

When asked for comment, GameStop declined. “We do not comment on corporate policies that are competitive in nature,” Chris Olivera, vice president of corporate communications, told Kotaku. “As your questions relate to company training, operations and discounting practices, I would not be able to provide feedback.”

The practice would appear to violate both federal and potentially state law (depending on the state) in regards to false/deceptive advertising. The standard practice at GameStop is to remove the game discs from their case and put the cases on display to avoid theft. What consumers likely do not know is that some of these purportedly new games are being used by employees of the company.