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GameTap Launches; New Publishers

Turner Broadcasting System today announced the launch of GameTap. GameTap officially opens its
massive vault of video game content and original programming to gamers across the United States. GameTap is an “all-you-can-play” gaming service accessible from up to two household computers. The network will launch with some 300 games from 24 publishers, together with hours of original programming. Subscribers simply download the Turner-developed software from www.gametap.com. Subscriptions are $14.95 per month.

“We’ve taken GameTap on the road and hosted a few thousand gamers through our experiential marketing programs, and now we’re ready to take
GameTap to a mainstream audience,” said GameTap General Manager Stuart Snyder. “GameTap puts an entire library worth of games-both current and
classic -at your finger tips. The game community, and for that matter the Internet itself, has never seen anything like it.”

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GameTap will provide subscribers with content from some of the industry’s top publishers and developers including Electronic Arts, Capcom, Take-Two, First Star Software, Dreamcatcher Interactive, Knowledge Adventure and 3000AD. GameTap will launch with nearly 300 games and grow from there, with new games added to the service each week.

“GameTap subscribers will have access to an ever-expanding selection of their favorite games, from the early arcades all the way through console games and PC titles,” said GameTap General Manager Stuart Snyder. “Our
goal is to create the ultimate gaming network – a one stop shop – for everyone from the casual gamer to gaming experts.”