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Gamevice Flex mobile gaming controller out now with a month free of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Gamevice Flex mobile gaming controller out now for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Mobile gamers have a new controller option as Gamevice Flex just launched today.

If you do a lot of gaming with your Android or iOS devices, there’s a new option for playing your favorite games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Here’s how they describe the mobile controller:

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Gamevice Flex eliminates the hassle of removing your phone case to attach your mobile controller for unmatched comfort and control when gaming. For the first time ever, gamers have access to a mobile controller that will adapt to the phone case they use. The Flex Adapter Kit provides a great fit with the lowest of profile cases like Apple’s thin silicone case to premium cases like the OtterBox Symmetry and UAG Monarch, offering compatibility with thousands of phone and case combinations.
The Flex is larger than the original mobile controller, featuring better ergonomics that provide more comfort for longer gaming sessions. Flex evolves with your phone and case needs, as you upgrade or change your phone or case, simply reset your flex with the adapter sizing kit and get back to gaming.

The Gamevice Flex is out now for iOS and Android devices at Amazon and Walmart.com. It retails for $99.95 on Android and $109.95 for iOS. All units come with a one-month free voucher for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new subscribers.

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