Gamevice Flex Review: A convenient controller for mobile cloud gaming on Android and iPhone

Gamevice Flex Review: A convenient controller for mobile cloud gaming on Android and iPhone

The Gamevice Flex is one of the best options for mobile cloud gaming.

As we reported back in October, mobile gamers have a new controller option. The Gamevice Flex launched for Android and iPhone. So if you do a lot of gaming on your smartphone, this is a solid new option for playing your favorite games on Xbox Game Pass and other streaming services.

The Gamevice Flex comes with the controller, phone adapters, case adapters, and one free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new subscribers. It also includes a handy instruction booklet along with a quick start guide and a case adapter selector. There is also a tutorial website.

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The basic idea here is to give gamers the ability to play AAA games on the go using virtually any smartphone. Based on that criteria, the Flex flexes its muscles and more than gets the job done. The form factor is also less wonky than some of its competitors like the Riot Pwr ESL Wired Game Controller.

Most people will probably wonder how this compares to the Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller. Unfortunately, I have not used the Razer Kishi, so I cannot make a direct firsthand comparison between the two products. However, the design and features look very similar.

I should note that this review is for the Android version of the Flex. The iPhone version may be slightly different.

What services does Gamevice Flex support?

The Gamevice Flex comes professionally packaged with a “designed for Xbox” label on the front. In addition to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Cloud Gaming, it supports GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Apple Arcade.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The Gamevice Flex also supports Remote Play apps like PS Remote Play from the Google Play Store. So you can stream your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games from your console to your smartphone while using the Gamevice Flex controller.

What devices does it support?

This is marketed as supporting hundreds of Android smartphones. There is also a model that supports the iPhone. One of the best features here is that you can use the Gamevice Flex without removing your smartphone case. Most people – especially someone who is traveling – probably do not want to remove their case. So this is a big perk.

It’s worth noting that although it is marketed as being supported on iOS, the controller currently only supports the iPhone. It will not work on an iPad. They should market it as supporting the iPhone instead of iOS, in my opinion, to avoid any confusion.

However, Gamevice says that “announcements and reveals of future Gamevice Flex products are planned,” so it’s certainly possible that they release a model compatible with iPad in the future. We’ll see! Stay tuned and we’ll let you know if they make any announcements on that front.

How easy is setup?

If you use the Flex without your case, setup is quick and easy. Just take the phone adapter out of the box and slide it into the left and right side of the Flex controller. Basically, these rubber pieces ensure that your phone will fit snugly into the controller. The included USB-C port fits well into the bottom of your Android phone.

Things are slightly more complicated if you use a case with your phone. You will need to use the included Gamevice Flex case adapter selector in order to determine the thickness of your phone. The case adapters come in three different boxes: one is for the left and the other two boxes are for the right side of the controller.

The adapters are just pieces of plastic that you slide into the Flex on either side of the device. Depending on the thickness of your phone case, the case adapter selector will tell you exactly which adapter you need. If you have a thinner case, you may need adapter L50 and R35. If you have a thick case, you may not even need an adapter at all.

Honestly, my biggest issue with the setup was taking the case adapters out. Once they slide in, they do not come out easily. So you will save yourself a lot of time, effort, and sore fingers if you use the case adapter selector properly.

Features and Quality

Due to the USB-C port, the Gamevice Flex controller has a low-latency connection that is perfect for gaming. In addition to the USB-C port that connects to the phone, there is another USB-C port at the bottom of the controller that allows for passthrough charging.

The device itself stretches out to support different phone sizes. You can also fold it into a compact form for easy storage when you are not using it. In its extended state, it’s about the size of a Nintendo Switch. In its compact state, it is about the size of an Xbox controller except thinner. This is certainly welcome since it decreases the amount of clutter.

Gamevice Flex and Xbox Wireless Controller side by side

The Flex has all of the buttons that you would find on an Xbox Wireless Controller except for the Share button. It even has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The buttons themselves are smaller but it has the layout that you would expect from Xbox.

In terms of quality, I am not a huge fan of the R1 and L1 buttons on this; it feels somewhat cheap and does not have a very satisfying click. The R2 and L2 buttons are fine and are actually pretty comfortable. The analog sticks and D-pad are adequate but also feel somewhat cheap. It is worth noting here that the analog sticks do click, so you have R3 and L3 buttons.


Overall, the Gamevice Flex is a neat officially-licensed Xbox controller option for Android smartphones and the iPhone. It is comparable in price, design, and features to the Razer Kishi. This is perfect for playing AAA games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I tried it with High On Life, and it was a pleasant experience.

The Gamevice Flex is out now for iOS and Android devices at Amazon and It retails for $99.95 on Android and $109.95 for iOS. All units come with a one-month free voucher for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new subscribers.

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