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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Ships for PS4


Last year, Warner Bros. Interactive released the first new Gauntlet game since 2005’s Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows for PS2 and the original Xbox. The PC only release was met with mixed reviews but the game managed to retain the four player co-op.

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It’s not clear why Warner Bros. waited so long for a console release but nearly a year later, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is out now for PS4. The Slayer Edition has a few new features including new hero weapons and abilities, new monster types, and additional features that increase team dynamics and strategy, including spin attacks, shield throws, summoning, and magic abilities for the iconic characters, as well as a new Endless gameplay mode.

If you’re looking for a decent couch multi-player game on your PS4, this might just do the job. And it is going for the discounted price of $20.