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Gears of War on Sale for $40 at Target

After going out to eat with friends at Logan’s Steakhouse, my brother wanted to go to Target to buy an iPod. I warned him against a Zune, which has had reports of difficult and long setup. Of course, I didn’t care which iPod he picked out, so I went to the games section. Nintendo’s Wii was sold out and the PlayStation 3 was as well. I found one of those hard to find Classic Controllers for the Wii, which are going for double their normal price on eBay ($40 instead of $20) due to low supplies in stores. However, the Xbox 360 was in plentiful supply.

The biggest surprise was that Gears of War for the Xbox 360 was on sale for $40 when it just came out a month ago. The special will run through Saturday, and I cannot verify that the sale applies to Target stores outside of South Bend. If you are looking to buy Gears of War and want to get it for cheap, I suggest calling your local Target to find out. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if your local store is running the same special. Tell me your name and city/state.

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