Gelatinous: Humanity Lost is a new Game Boy game coming to Kickstarter

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost

Following recent releases from Spacebot Interactive and Incube8, the original Nintendo Game Boy is getting a fresh physical release. The latest is called Gelatinous: Humanity Lost.

There are more developers that are betting on vintage. Spacebot Interactive and Incube8 are the most active developers in retro console games, but this time they are joined by another developer who has previously tried the market. The Retro Room, the creator of Quest Arrest, has collaborated with rookie game designer Steven Long to create and distribute a brand-new game for the original Game Boy handheld.

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost builds on the success of classics such as Castlevania, Mega Man, and Metroid to create an all-new expansive adventure. The project will soon be available on Kickstarter.

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Going back to the roots of gaming

Gelatinous takes players on a trip through Aztec pyramids, abandoned laboratories, a hazardous jungle river, and deep into the belly of a beast, spanning seven distinct locations filled with detail. Players start with nothing. There are no attacks. Not even the capacity to leap is present. They must overcome the temple maze, learn ancient mysteries, and unlock the abilities of their gelatinous form in order to survive and develop.

While The Retro Room’s Kickstarter campaign isn’t expected to go live until later this year, the Gelatinous team currently has a fully functional prototype. Their Kickstarter campaign will fund production and distribution costs. The Kickstarter Edition of Gelatinous: Humanity Lost will be sent before the end of the year, with a planned launch this fall.

Because the Kickstarter Edition is available, the game’s development is at an advanced stage, which may be seen thanks to the previously mentioned game prototype. The Kickstarter Edition will come with a Game Boy-compatible cartridge and a manual, packaged in a retro-inspired “GameBro” box. The development team has also considered offering posters, stickers, and even a retro-style strategy guide to game enthusiasts.

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost

The Retro Room is aiming for an MSRP of approximately $50 US, but it will provide a discount to video game fans who purchase a pre-release copy of the game. More information about the game’s development progress, the Kickstarter page, and more about Gelatinous: Humanity Lost can be found on their official Twitter account.

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