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Geneon Brings Anime to PSP; Gungrave Among First

Geneon Entertainment announced today the unveiling of two of their biggest titles on the new UMD PSP format. Hellsing and Gungrave, both of which feature hardcore action and supernatural plotlines, will be unleashed on August 16th. The first and second episodes of each series will be available for the suggested retail price $14.98.

Among the first distributors to recognize the potential of the portable format, Geneon Entertainment will debut the revolutionary sci-fi animated action adventure Appleseed and the hip-hop samurai action series Samurai Champloo on July 5th.

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“Japanese animation and video games have always gone hand-in-hand; the anime fan base is largely the same group of consumers that’s purchasing the PlayStation Portableand#61652; already, so it’s only natural for us to gravitate to that format,� said Jim Yardley, Vice President of Sales, Geneon Entertainment. “The episodic action makes great on-the-go viewing.�