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Generation Zero Dark Skies update now live

Generation Zero Dark Skies update now live

The free Dark Skies update is out now in Generation Zero.

Systemic Reaction has launched the free Dark Skies update for the open-world co-op adventure game Generation Zero. Dark Skies introduces a new Soviet machine, a new moped vehicle, a new mission, weapon skins, and more.

Generation Zero puts players on the front line of the battle against the machines in an alternate history Sweden. More than one million players have experienced the game since its launch alongside numerous updates and story-driven expansions continuing to drive the adventure, with even more still to come.

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Here is what you can expect from the new Dark Skies update!

New Soviet Machine

The third unique Soviet Machine is here! Inspired by the bird of legend, the Firebird is a large bomber drone equipped to fight both infantry and armor by flushing enemies out of cover from overhead.

New Side Mission

The Soviets have gotten reinforcements, and it’s up to you to take down the new Firebirds and their beacons before they retake the town of Hagaboda!

New Vehicle

The Tuned Moped is an all-around motorbike that’s faster than the bicycle (but less stealthy) and handles well on asphalt.

Weapon Skins

Players can now equip weapon skins via a new attachment slot, with five free weapon skins available as random loot when killing special enemies.

“New Game” Revamp

You can now have up to four characters across four separate game worlds at once (up from four characters limited to only one world previously), letting you start new games without deleting your existing worlds or characters.

Motorbikes DLC

Today’s update also delivers the new premium Motorbikes DLC for $6.99. This bundle includes three additional motorbike types (Dirtbike, Military Motorcycle, and Resistance Bike), each with four color variations and its own unique gameplay characteristics.

Generation Zero is available on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is also free for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.