Geoff Keighley: Summer Game Fest to focus on previously announced games

Summer Game Fest

Don’t expect a ton of game announcements at Summer Game Fest.

Veteran game journalist Geoff Keighley says that this week’s Summer Game Fest will focus “primarily” on games that were already announced. One of those games we already mentioned: The Callisto Protocol gameplay demo will debut at Summer Game Fest.

According to VGC:

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Speaking during a Twitter Spaces audio session this weekend (transcribed by VGC), Keighley said he was “very excited” about the content set to feature in the show, which he said will include “massive games” alongside independent titles and new teams showcasing their projects for the first time.

Keighley claimed the show would include exclusive games for both Xbox and Nintendo Switch, but said that Microsoft would likely keep its biggest hitters for its own showcase, and was unclear if Nintendo itself was involved in SGF (“we’d love to have them involved if and when they’re ready”).

He also urged viewers to rein in their expectations in terms of any “megaton shocks” they might be expecting, and called some of the rumours he’d seen online “crazy”.

Summer Game Fest kicks off on June 9 at 2 PM Eastern.