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Get up to 90% off with Humble WB Games Build Your Own Bundle


Bundle more than three games and take advantage of the discounts that Humble Bundle has for you!

With the hype that has been created after seeing the new trailer for the upcoming Batman movie, The Batman, Humble Bundle brings us a new opportunity to save money, donate money to charity, and get our favorite games from Warner Bros. Games where we can find DC Comics titles and more.

With the new WB Games Build Your Own Bundle, we can get up to five different games with savings up to 90% of the total amount. As we mentioned before, we can quench our thirst with Batman Arkham Collection, Injustice, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, and more. In addition, we can find the classic LEGO games, the F.E.A.R Collection, among other titles that we can add to our bundle and take them for gift prices.

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To opt for the discounts in the WB Games BYOB, we will have to choose from three to five games, where we can get up to 90% discount on the final amount of the purchase. If you want to build your bundle of Warner Bros. games, you can do so here.

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