Ghost Blade HD is getting a limited edition physical release on Switch

The 16-bit shoot ’em up Ghost Blade HD is getting a limited edition physical release on Nintendo Switch.

Eastasiasoft made the announcement today, saying that pre-orders will open on Thursday, September 12 exclusively at online retailer Playasia. The digital version will launch worldwide in October.

The limited-edition release includes a physical copy of the game with region-free reverse cover art, a full-color printed manual, a soundtrack CD, a steelbook, a collector’s box, and an individually numbered collector’s certificate. Only 3,000 copies are being printed worldwide.

Ghost Blade HD is an “intense bullet-hell top-down shoot ’em up” composed of “frenetic and addictive score-based gameplay.” With its inspiration going back to the shooting games of the 1990s era, Ghost Blade HD ties old memories to current tones and techniques.

The game features HD graphics, five stages with three difficulty levels and boss battles, three ships with different weapon types, two-player local co-op, online leaderboards, and an in-game achievement system.

The Limited Edition pre-orders open at online retailer Playasia on September 11, 2019.

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