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Ghost Blade HD Review

Ghost Blade HD is a callback to the golden age of shoot ‘em ups. With simple yet addictive bullet-hell gameplay and modern HD graphics, it manages to remind veteran gamers of the old days.

As one might expect, there’s not much depth to the gameplay itself. Powerups are absorbed into your ship automatically that upgrade your weapons to the point of covering the screen in bullets and lasers in no time. There is also a second firing mode, which focuses your fire into a boss-melting beam.

Quickly switching between these two firing options is key to bringing down some of the tougher enemies that you will run into throughout the game. You’ll also have access to a few screen-shattering bombs that can get you through tight spots. Other than that, don’t get hit!

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The game offers a few different ways to play and even provides a two-player co-op mode. There are three playable ships to choose from, each with a unique look and offering a slightly different style of bullet spread. You can take these ships through a total of five stages either alone or with a friend.

With three difficulty levels to choose from, it’s easy to jump in for a quick game no matter your experience with the genre. In addition, there is a training mode, which allows you to choose any stage to practice on. There’s also a score attack mode that challenges you to rack up as many points as possible in a single level with infinite lives.

Ghost Blade HD is a pleasure for fans of the genre. Its short but sweet campaign feels right at home on the Switch.