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Gilgamesh joins Smite as King of Uruk Update goes live

Gilgamesh joins Smite as King of Uruk Update goes live

Titan Forge Games has released Smite’s newest playable God, Gilgamesh, as part of the “King of Uruk” Update.

Gilgamesh is a leader, an adventurer, and the first mythical hero of all time through his epic. In Smite, he distinctively belongs to the Warrior class, taking a hands-on approach to combat and bringing a lot of brute-force strength and an in-your-face attitude.

“The entire Titan Forge team strives to increase the polish level of every God we release,” says Alli Schatzer, Senior Animator for Smite. “With Gilgamesh, the animation team pushed to accomplish this by experimenting with new approaches to attack animations, improved camera movement, and more. A close collaboration between departments resulted in responsive, fluid, and just plain fun gameplay that I cannot wait for players to experience.”

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With both a spectacular Drop Kick and a powerful leap, Gilgamesh has a ‘king of the ring’ feel to him. Adding to it, his ultimate ability calls upon a circular windstorm trapping enemies inside.

Living Conquest Map Update

Today’s King of Uruk Update has also altered the battleground in Conquest, Smite’s prime game mode. High above, the skies have taken a darker, stormy hue. On the ground, destructible vines now sprout up in the jungle, creating strategic opportunities.

This is the first planned quarterly update to Smite’s core game mode in 2021, part of a new Living Conquest Map initiative that ensures the game always feels fresh.

Free to play

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. The game just celebrated its 7th anniversary last month. Meanwhile, the new King of Uruk update is also free.

Watch the latest trailer below!