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Gish Demo/Patch Now Available

Here’s an e-mail from the developers at Chronic Logic. Be sure to check out our review of Gish:

Chronic Logic has just released Gish v1.4, an update to Gish that focuses on its in-game level editor and new 4 player team battle modes.

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The new patch includes:
– Five, 4 player Vs levels
– An updated level editor
– A campaign editor to make custom level packs
– An easy load function for custom levels
– A pre set turbo mode
– A new title page

Alongside this new patch, Chronic Logic has also launched the official Gish homepage Gishgame.com, a website that focuses on hosting your custom levels and campaigns for others to download and play. We currently have over 40 user-made levels ready to download and will also be hosting monthly contests for best level design, fan art and the like. The patch as well as free demo can be downloaded at Gishgame.com.