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Gloomhaven is a tactical RPG launching on Steam in October


Adapted from Isaac Childres’ renowned Gloomhaven board game, this digital version will be challenging even for the most experienced players.

After two years in Steam Early Access and more than ten major updates to adapt to the game’s community, Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studio have announced that Gloomhaven will finally be released officially next month.

A digital adaptation of the board game

The complete game release unlocks the whole Gloomhaven board game campaign, with 95 new tales and event objectives to dig into, allowing players to build a new route through the dungeons of Gloomhaven. They may also embark on the 170-mission Guild master campaign, which is exclusive to the digital game and is already accessible in the Early Access edition.

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Over 200 hours of delightfully challenging card-based action awaits, complete with terrifying creatures, 17 unique mercenaries with 1000s of skills to master, and 100s of perks, upgrades, and gear to personalize your loadout. Gloomhaven‘s road is littered with terrible decisions, whether you’re exploring awful woodlands or ancient crypts.

In both the Campaign and Guildmaster adventures, you may play alone or with up to four others. Gloomhaven now simplifies online co-op multiplayer by allowing players to join or leave a group without interfering with their friends’ progress, due to a handy save hosting function.

Gloomhaven will be released on PC via Steam, GOG, and macOS on October 20, 2021.

Watch the announcement trailer of Gloomhaven down below!