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Gloop Zero Review

Developer: aeonFlame Publisher: aeonFlame
Release Date: N/A Also On: None

When I look at games like Gloop Zero, I say to myself, “I wish Nintendo could recruit games like this for the DS�. Gloop Zero is one of the first Zodiac games to take full use of the touch-screen, and it does it marvelously. If you want to take touchscreen gameplay seriously, Gloop Zero is the place to start.

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Gloop Zero is an action/puzzle game that takes full use of the Zodiac’s touchscreen capabilities. Your goal is to guide radioactive green, red, and blue ‘gloop’ into ‘exit points’ in each of the games over 100 levels. Sounds easy enough, right? It’s not; you’ll find yourself doodling lines, using anti-gravity buttons, etc. to reach the exit points.

The gloop falls from circular spawn points. Your job is to direct the gloop to the appropriate exit point by any means possible. Whether this means drawing a line, using dynamite to punch a hole through the ‘ground’ or exploding gloops of other colors that shouldn’t fall into the exit points.

The single-player game divides levels into skill groups. From here, you can select a difficulty level (one of three) for each level that you play. This will add to the experience, obviously, as you may want to play through all of the levels on all three difficulties. As if the single-player experience isn’t enough, there’s also a level editor that allows for infinite replay value.

I’ll cut this review short. There isn’t a whole lot to say about Gloop Zero other than that it’s an amazing experience that every Zodiac owner should have in their proud collection. If only Nintendo could recruit such talent for its DS, we might be using it for things other than playing our Game Boy Advance games.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 10
Creativity: 10
Replay Value/Game Length: 8.5
Final: 9.2
Written by Kyle Review Guide