Glory Hunters
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Glory Hunters is an upcoming action RPG for Game Boy

Glory Hunters

Another interesting action-adventure RPG title coming to Game Boy direct from Mexico.

2think, a Mexican indie studio, has announced a Kickstarter campaign for the physical distribution of Glory Hunters for Game Boy in collaboration with Bitmap Soft. The campaign is dedicated to the game’s physical release as well as the completion of the game’s development.

An 8-bit adventure

Glory Hunters is a new action-adventure RPG for the original Game Boy with a unique and original twist: you progress through the game through achievements. The developers estimate that the game provides over 20 hours of gameplay with excellent replay value.

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Glory Hunters

In addition, players have complete freedom to explore numerous places, each with its own set of mini-games, adversaries, and amusing characters. Spend glory points to customize your own adventure.

It’s worth noting that there are glory points in Glory Hunters. These points are the primary medium of exchange for obtaining achievements. Perform beautiful deeds that grant glory points to get these points. Collect materials, assist the people in various missions, or enter dungeons to battle numerous creatures. It is among a long list of Game Boy titles announced recently.

The Glory Hunters Kickstarter campaign is coming on April 10. If you want to give the game a try, there is a free Glory Hunters demo accessible on where you may play the first chapter and get a sense of what this adventure has in store for you.

Watch the game trailer down below!