Goat Simulator 3 and Coffe Stain Studios get DMCA’d due to GTA VI gameplay leak

Goat Simulator 3

Coffee Stain Studios is outdoing itself every time.

Coffee Stain Studios has managed to win over the public with the Goat Simulator series. One of the main aspects that have achieved this has been the particular humor of this series. It’s humor that sometimes pushes the limits but manages to get away with it. This time, Coffee Stain Studios was not able to get away with it after the latest Goat Simulator 3 announcement.

The development team has obtained a copyright claim from Take-Two Interactive for the use of leaked gameplay of GTA VI. Although the ad does not focus on the gameplay, the studio has been forced to remove it.

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An incredible ad that has been taken down

If you’ve ever seen or played Goat Simulator, you’ll know the absurd humor behind the game series. Coffee Stain Studios takes humor in video games way beyond the norm. In some cases, it’s so absurd that it’s simply laughable.  And this is exactly what has happened with the latest Goat Simulator 3 ad.

Coffee Stain Studios, with this third installment of the series, has promoted the game with an ad that has been very controversial. On the one hand, the ad is very well done. It manages to promote the game from the point of view of an NPC. But the striking thing about this ad is not that but the DMCA controversy from Take-Two Interactive.

In the final part of the ad, the team behind Goat Simulator 3 used a fragment of the leaked gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI from six months ago. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before Take-Two Interactive denounced the announcement. This situation has made the ad even funnier than it already is. But, in the same way, Coffee Stain Studios has been forced to remove the ad.

Even so, they couldn’t make it disappear completely. After an exhaustive search, I managed to get a tweet from a guy who shared the ad. We recommend watching it before it’s too late. Because, just as they took down the more than 90 leaked videos of GTA VI on Twitter, they will take down this tweet in a short time.

Goat Simulator 3 is out now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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