God of War 2 Confirmed for PS2

A sequel to the Game Freaks 365 Game of the Year Runner-Up God of War for the PlayStation 2 was a foregone conclusion quite a long time ago. It wasn’t revealed until the latest issue of Game Informer that the sequel will be released on the PlayStation 2 as well. Popular speculation was that the title would be a PlayStation 3 post-launch title.

According to GameSpot, the news started as a ruomr on Eurogamer, citing leaked Sony marketing documents. The article was removed under legal threat from Sony. Apparently, the Game Informer cover reads “Kratos returns to the PlayStation 2”, confirmed by our own Martin Henely. If this proves to be true, it goes to show that Sony has enormous confidence in both the current-generation PlayStation 2 and its next-generation lineup of games for the PlayStation 3.

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