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Going Under is a game that satirizes failed tech startups

Team 17 is partnering with Seattle-based indie developer Aggro Crab Games for the upcoming fast-paced dungeon crawler Going Under.

Going Under is a satirical game set among the ruins of failed tech startups. The founders of the poorly conceived ventures are the game’s main antagonists.

You play as Jackie, an intern at a carbonated drinks startup called Fizzle. The announcement trailer shows Jackie fighting with brooms, hockey sticks, and other items found in the offices of the game’s failed businesses.

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“Players will venture into the dystopian and chaotic depths of the dungeons below the bright and bubbly campus building, utilizing the junk found from fallen companies to battle a variety of monsters and epic bosses,” Team 17 says.

Certainly, the premise is unique and relevant. The gameplay looks fairly promising as well. Hopefully, this title doesn’t go bust like the businesses in the game.

Going Under is coming out on PC and consoles in 2020. We don’t yet have an exact release date. Check out the announcement trailer below!