For Honor Golden Age
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Golden Age is the first season of For Honor Year 6

For Honor Golden Age

The most important features of this new season include cross-platform play, a new game mode, and more.

Ubisoft has shared today’s Rainbow Six Siege announcement alongside the arrival of For Honor‘s new season, Golden Age. During The Oath of Wyverndale, a new launch event, players will be able to learn more about the story. In addition to the event, the season’s introduction coincides with the start of Phase 1 of For Honor‘s cross-platform gaming deployment strategy.

The plot of this new Season opens with a relic, an ancient chalice, which transports players back to Heathmoor’s Golden Age to learn about the Wardens’ origins from Lord Ramiel, the first of their kind.

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Crossplay and a new game mode

A new game mode, a free event pass, lootable weapons, and more are all included in The Oath of Wyverndale. The game mode will take place on the Cathedral Map, with players forming a team to face Lord Ramiel, the Hero of the Golden Age. The squad that demonstrates themselves worthy of Ramiel’s esteem will have the opportunity to corner and finish off the opposing team.

In addition, except for cooperative activities like Custom Match (only in Phase 1), Arcade, Training Mode, and the campaign, cross-play will be accessible for this season. Phase 2 will be released later this year and would allow gamers to establish groups with pals from different platforms.

Beginning in Year 6, the Ubisoft team has included a new feature that allows players to install Lord Ramiel’s Hero Skin, which costs 25,000 steel ($11.99) at the start of the season. At the debut, the Battle Pass is available with 100 tiers of varied rewards based on the season’s theme.

For Honor is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s also included with the Ubisoft+ subscription service. Players with a next-gen console can play For Honor through backward compatibility.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!