Good Knight is a Filipino-inspired one-button bullet hell out now on Steam

Good Knight

In Good Knight, you only need one button to survive.

Doublethink Games, a video game studio that presented us a title months ago, from the shadows of the industry, very distinct from what we were used to seeing in the bullet hell genre, has now become a reality and is officially available on Steam. Good Knight, the game that has amassed a large following in recent weeks due to its concept of one-button bullet hell, is available now for PC players that want to have a heart attack in the middle of the game.

Hardcore bullet hell

Good Knight is an arcade metal game inspired by Super-Hexagon, Castlevania, and Touhou. Use your agility and speed to escape gunfire and defeat gigantic enemies in many strange hells. You just need one button in Doublethink Games’ latest release, since you only have one job: survive this bullet hell.

You may use this magical button to execute turn-arounds, attacks, slow down, and continuous strikes. Among many other interesting elements, the game has huge gunshots, numerous camera angles, and a unique metal soundtrack.

Good Knight is now available on PC through Steam.

Watch the game trailer down below.

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