Google gaming controller and possible console revealed in new US patent filing

A mockup of the Google controller from designer
Sarang Sheth via Yanko Design.

A filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirms that Google is looking to enter the gaming space. The company filed a patent for a gaming controller in October 2018, according to the application.

That Google is interested in entering the gaming space with either a console or streaming service is one of the worst-kept secrets in Silicon Valley. The company recently completed a beta test for their Project Stream service, which allows gamers to stream graphically-intensive games through Chrome. However, this is the first firm evidence that the search giant is taking the prospect of a console seriously.

The patent details how the controller can be used to pair with a specific user account, eliminating the need for manually entering a username and password. It also mentions that the controller may allow for users to store personal preferences such as key bindings, volume level, and even display brightness.

The patent does not specifically mention a Google console, but it indicates that the controller may be paired to a tablet, a smartphone, or a console. Hmmm… what console would it be pairing to, I wonder?

Here’s the controller sketch submitted to the Patent and Trademark Office:

It looks like a fairly standard controller with four face buttons, two analog sticks, a cross-shaped D-Pad, two right and left triggers, a microphone, and a Google button that presumably acts as a home button. The shape of the controller is a bit off-putting, though. Of course, the product isn’t even officially announced, so this is not a final design.

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