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Google Play Pass will launch this week with 350 games and apps for $1.99 a month

Google has announced its competitor to the just-released Apple Arcade, the Google Play Pass.

Android users will be able to subscribe to the Google Play Pass service starting this week for an introductory price of $1.99 a month. Subscribers gain access to a catalog of over 350 games and apps that are “completely unlocked.” So not only will you get access to premium games and apps, all of them will be ad-free without any in-app purchases.

What’s the catch? The introductory price ends after a year and will bump up to $4.99 a month. And unlike Apple Arcade, which is just games with a lot of exclusives, Google Play Pass is a mix of games and ad-free apps. Most of the games have been released on other platforms.

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That’s not to say that the library of games is weak. It’s not. You’ll be able to play games like Limbo, Terraria, Strewdew Valley, Monument Valley 2, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on day one with new additions coming every month, including titles like This War of Mine. But you’ll notice that most of the headliners have been around for a while.

Google says that they’ll be adding a new Play Pass tab to the Google Play Store. Play Pass apps and games will also be searchable throughout the Play Store. They will be denoted with a Play Pass “ticket” icon so that you’ll know what’s included as you do regular searches in the Play Store.

Finally, Google says that Play Pass members can share their subscription with up to five other family members as part of the Google Play Family Library. Each family members will be able to access Play Pass individually, so your family’s downloads won’t affect your experience.

Which games and apps would you like to see added to the Play Pass? Let us know in the comments section!